High Quality Fog Machines to Meet Your Every Need

Vectorfog® serves global industries including, but not limited to, pest control, agriculture, healthcare and restoration. We heavily invest in research and development which allows them to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. Offering a wide range of rugged Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) foggers, as well as Thermal foggers, we have a fogger that will meet your every need.

Vectorfog® offers machines to meet your every need regardless of the size of the job or type of application.

FDA Listed as Medical Devices for Disinfectant Purposes

Vectorfog® Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) foggers work by compressing disinfectants through a specially engineered adjustable nozzle, producing a fine cold aerosolized mist. Their adjustable nozzle allows you to control the size of droplets between 5 – 50 microns ensuring even and complete coverage. This provides you with the ability to target both surface and airborne pathogens, ensuring the most thorough and effective disinfection.

Conventional sprayers on the other hand create large, variable size particles, which when sprayed leave gaps and fall too fast to be effective against airborne pathogens.

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Full-Size Fogger

The C150+ is Vectorfog’s flagship Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) fogger. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments and long-term daily commercial use.

Cordless Fogger

Utilizing the latest in battery technology, The DC20+ has been engineered to produce up to 45 minutes of continuous fogging with just 2.5 hours of charge time.

Compact Fogger

One of the smallest yet most powerful Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) foggers available on the market. You also have the ability to halve the power, reducing noise levels.

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Thermal Foggers – Maximize your Yield

Thermal fogging works by vaporizing water or oil-based chemical solutions at the end of the resonator, the fogging barrel, which condenses on contact with cool ambient air to form a dense visible fog-cloud of ultra-fine aerosols.

Vectorfog® thermal fogging machines have been engineered for the application of both water and oil-based solutions. Their unique and patented Dual-Point™ inlet technology allows you to simply turn a valve to switch between each solution. This feature, and the highest-grade materials used to make their foggers, make them one of the most versatile and durable foggers on the market today.

Full-Size Fogger

Vectorfog’s flagship portable thermal fogger. It can withstand highly corrosive chemicals thanks to the high-grade stainless steel used to manufacture it.

Truck Mounted Fogger

Engineered with you in mind. Spray up to 40 meters (131 feet) with the remote-controlled dual resonators. Save valuable time and maximize your yield.

Mini Fogger

Easy to use. Powered by an 8 oz Butane/Propane canister rather than a motor makes this one of the quietest and most durable foggers on the market.